The Royal Alliance Client Website is  When you click on this link, a new window should open in your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), which will allow you to toggle back and forth to these instructions and that website.

The steps are:

  1. Enter your account number in the “Login” area and press continue.
  2. For password, enter the letters RO followed by your 6 digit birthday – for example “RO010151
  3. On the next screen it will ask you for a device phone number or email address. You must enter one of these and once confirmed, the website will be looking for a 6 digit code to be entered – this will come via email or txt message (which ever you checked).
  4. Once the code is entered, click “remember this device” at the bottom of the screen and clickcontinue…then review the info and click save.
  5. Then it will take you to security setup and you will be forced to choose:
    1. Step #1 - A picture
    2. Step #2 – a security phrase
    3. Then click continue on the next 2 screens.
  6. On the next screen, it is asking you to sign up for paperless delivery of statements. This isoptional, so it’s your choice to select “update preferences, remind me later or no thanks. “
  7. Once selected, the next screen should display your accounts.

If you wish to have more than one of your accounts linked to the same log-in, or to have accounts for other members of your household linked to the same log-in (e.g. for spouse or children) please send an email to to request that the accounts be linked. We will ask our system administrator to link the accounts.

At any time during this process, if you are struggling, please call Mark Higgins (585-421-0470) at Higgins Henderson and he will gladly walk you through it over the phone.