Our Process and Values

We, at Henderson Wealth Management, value our clients, plain and simple. Every process and procedure are built around exceeding your goals and needs, and we take being your trusted advisor seriously. We provide holistic planning in order to address and prepare for any financial opportunity or issue that life may present. Our services expand far beyond simple investment management to include tax management, continuing education, which includes regular newsletters and economic update events. In-person events also cover often overlooked topics such as Medicare and Estate Planning. Medicare events are aimed to reduce out of pocket medical expenses and expose clients to ways to take advantage of state-run programs such as the EPIC program in New York state. The most important topic is estate planning, aimed to protect the money you worked your whole life to obtain. We work with local estate attorneys who specialize in the development of wills, power of attorneys, trusts and health care proxies, all of which are built around how you want your money to work for you and to be protected. As a side note, we do not charge extra for any of these services, we only charge a flat fee for the management of your investments. Everything else is part of our holistic approach we developed so we can help our clients with any situation that may arise during their lifetime.

From your initial consultation forward, we spend our time making sure you and your investments are on the right track. We value transparency and open communication during our partnership. We start that partnership by running a few projections based on information you provide. These projections show how much money you will need to retire the way you want to and what needs to be done to ensure that your retirement is everything you imagined and more. Along the road to, and during, retirement, our goal is to hold regular review meetings to see where you and your investments are in comparison to those initial projections. Adjustments will be made if necessary and we value educating you on what they are and why they are being made. We will be the first people to tell you to spend more money or if you are spending too much. Alongside that promise, we understand that the situation is the boss and difficult times may require a change of plans. Flexibility is programmed into every retirement plan so that nothing, short of an extreme, rare situation, will keep you from your retirement and life goals.

Our Process and Values

We genuinely want to help our clients navigate life with no strings attached. We retire with our clients every single day and thoroughly love helping our clients secure their financial future so they can do exactly what they want during retirement. Our only request: we want you to share your stories and even see a few pictures of the cool sites you see on your travels around the globe.

The bottom line is that the advisors at Henderson Wealth Management value you, and we work tirelessly to make sure the money you worked your whole life to earn, will work for you in retirement as well as be protected so you can pass on that money to the people and causes you care for. We continually educate ourselves and our clients on topics that are important and impactful. The services we offer are always growing and we are always right by our phones to call you with updates and pick up the phone to answer your questions.

To get to know us better, you can Meet Our Team or schedule a no obligation meeting by calling (585) 421-0470 or emailing tom@hendersonwealthmanagement.com